Friday, October 1, 2010

Sharp in LED

Yeah, LED is in great attention and so that Sharp. These lights also have three eco-functions that reduce energy consumption by up to 65%. They introduced six models of industry-first LED ceiling lights into the Japanese market. This thin design make it slim. These 43 mm things at the thickest part and just 8 mm at the thinnest.

You can play three of the models (DL-C501V/C301V/C302V) with remote controller to change the color of the white light with the Adjustable Color function, and to adjust brightness with the Dimmer function. These functions combine to offer 110 different levels of color and brightness that match the mood or time of day. The Eco Light Rhythm function, for example, is a proprietary lighting program that automatically adjusts the color and brightness throughout the day; for instance, it matches the lifestyle rhythms of the user by giving crisp, cool daylight white for a refreshing wake-up in the morning, or a warm white in the evening when a relaxing atmosphere is desired.

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