Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tomato o tomato

Really, this fun gardener make me envy. S/he got nice tomato plant. I hope I know the secret how to get the plant grow well.

Friday, October 22, 2010

List of Gardening Online Forum

Nowadays, green is not just hobby. It is part of life style. Seeing the flowers bloom in the morning and reap fruit is a pleasure to be served. Sometimes, we want to share that pleasure. Next time, we also want to complain about a problem. Here is a list of forums on the internet which I think is interesting to visit.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Posterize the Room

Many Internet sites offer poster printing services. Do not ever consider putting up posters as childish. There are many choices of style in postering and you certainly would not consider putting up poster of paintings of Picasso or Salvador Dali used for children's playroom. Not meant to keep them away from art. We can find some famous sites, such as Art.com or Etsy.com for references. Moreover, the visual arts have a strong influence. As well as music, visual arrangement of the room to give a certain effect for most people.
So, if you love art and want to display posters, check these the following points:

  • Find out details behind the making of the poster. In addition to ensuring a good background as well as to provide more value in telling your children / neighbors/friend. They will see you smart!

  • Art posters of paintings are usually more to give the impression of aristocratic and educated. Therefore, the effect can be given is a way of thinking and manner.

  • Poster with the design theme, such as architecture, giving the impression of intelligence and thinking patterns. It seems trivial, but the lines in architectural drawings provide indirect effect of a structured way of thinking and creative.

  • Poster classic story effect on traditional values.

  • Poster encouraging novelty of contemporary stories. Posters of this type is more appropriate to give effect in creative thinking and tend to look stylish.

(image: screenshot from Art.com)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Place Flat TV in the Right Sense

Now almost all the rooms or the room in the house has a TV. To just please yourself, watch the latest news, follow the series, watch a favorite movie or to play games.

By not filling the room with a conventional television is large and heavy, the latest innovation from the digital world out of thin TVs (Flat TV) to save space and to overcome problems of conventional TVs. With the Flat TVs in the market such as LCD TV and Plasma TV, interior design trends have also changed to make the this kind of gadget as an essential element for decoration & design.

Prior to the Flat TV, many people must have felt confused to position a large TV like 60'' projectors, so as not to cause the room look cramped. With the Flat TV is typically no more than 20cm thick, decorate the room could be easier.

Flat-shaped TV is marketed with two options of use, hung on the wall with special poles, or sit on the shelf. Installation of a hanging flat TV to a wall or shelf.

Using the TV rack designed specifically for Flat TVs facilitate decor. TV Shelves are usually designed to provide all necessary hangers and a place to store cables for easy installation of Flat TV.
Usually the TV rack like this also provide a place for player DVD / VCD and a place to store favorite disc.

Using Flat TVs for the room, could be more orderly, especially the console or TV rack designed specifically to fit the overall design and theme of the room. As an example of this was photographed, the console is designed by using the same color as the cabinets. And the design can be matched with the theme of the interior rooms.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vertical Gardening

Gardening is about to live in healty environment. Sometime, you can't afford gardening because of small free space. Beside, you don't have any skill to built it. Vertical garden is the answered. I got this link that pop my head about vertical garden. Check this site. (sst, I don't have any relationship with this website at all)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sharp in LED

Yeah, LED is in great attention and so that Sharp. These lights also have three eco-functions that reduce energy consumption by up to 65%. They introduced six models of industry-first LED ceiling lights into the Japanese market. This thin design make it slim. These 43 mm things at the thickest part and just 8 mm at the thinnest.

You can play three of the models (DL-C501V/C301V/C302V) with remote controller to change the color of the white light with the Adjustable Color function, and to adjust brightness with the Dimmer function. These functions combine to offer 110 different levels of color and brightness that match the mood or time of day. The Eco Light Rhythm function, for example, is a proprietary lighting program that automatically adjusts the color and brightness throughout the day; for instance, it matches the lifestyle rhythms of the user by giving crisp, cool daylight white for a refreshing wake-up in the morning, or a warm white in the evening when a relaxing atmosphere is desired.

Those Shoes

Use your imagination and you can find the beauty of ordinary stuff. Need inspiration? Surf to Carl Kleiner