Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Posterize the Room

Many Internet sites offer poster printing services. Do not ever consider putting up posters as childish. There are many choices of style in postering and you certainly would not consider putting up poster of paintings of Picasso or Salvador Dali used for children's playroom. Not meant to keep them away from art. We can find some famous sites, such as Art.com or Etsy.com for references. Moreover, the visual arts have a strong influence. As well as music, visual arrangement of the room to give a certain effect for most people.
So, if you love art and want to display posters, check these the following points:

  • Find out details behind the making of the poster. In addition to ensuring a good background as well as to provide more value in telling your children / neighbors/friend. They will see you smart!

  • Art posters of paintings are usually more to give the impression of aristocratic and educated. Therefore, the effect can be given is a way of thinking and manner.

  • Poster with the design theme, such as architecture, giving the impression of intelligence and thinking patterns. It seems trivial, but the lines in architectural drawings provide indirect effect of a structured way of thinking and creative.

  • Poster classic story effect on traditional values.

  • Poster encouraging novelty of contemporary stories. Posters of this type is more appropriate to give effect in creative thinking and tend to look stylish.

(image: screenshot from Art.com)

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